Saturday, June 15, 2002

Not a yak in sight
Got to Venice safely via British Airways Go. Plane was not towed or otherwise propelled by yak, in contrast to expectations from "budget European airlines". Much pleased.

Spending a lot of time wading through other American tourists in Piazza San Marco, outnumbered only by pigeons. (See Dave's post about bread cannon. Much needed.) Struggling to make self understood with small Italian phrases, but not sure if ordering check or asking for portion of fried yak. Somewhat problematic.

Otherwise having lovely time. Eating lots of Italian food and drinking lots of Italian wine. Will blog again soon.

posted by Rebecca 6/15/2002 12:57:00 PM

Thursday, June 13, 2002

London, baby!
Currently sitting at a "Cyberdeck" internet station at Portsmouth harbor. Keys are somewhat sticky, and forced to sit in ridiculous leather recliner with footpetals. Feel somewhat ridiculous. At least my knees fit under the keyboard, unlike those of tall husband, who looks a little uncomfortable. Just finished touring the HMS Victory (Lord Nelson's ship at Trafalgar), which was also a bit of a problem for Dave. The beams are about 6 feet above the surface of the deck, so he could stand in between them, but had to duck under each one. When moving quickly, this leads to a very complicated bobbing and weaving motion that takes a great deal of concentration. To his credit, he didn't hit his head once, although he came close to wiping out by tripping over an iron ring set into the deck (one can either watch the ceiling or the floor, but not both!).

Having a wonderful time. More soon.
posted by Rebecca 6/13/2002 08:36:00 AM

Monday, June 10, 2002

God, I am stupid.
Finally figured out how to blog as myself so that the posts don't show up as being from "David Hyatt". Duh.
posted by Rebecca 6/10/2002 10:35:00 AM

God, ABCNews is stupid.
Quote from a recent ABCNews article... "Some of the CIA's key people may, in fact, more closely resemble newly minted Ph.D.s than, say, Jack Ryan, protagonist of the Tom Clancy spy novels." For those of you who have (a) read the books, (b) seen the movies, or (c) come out from under a rock at some point in the last ten years, you'll remember that Jack Ryan starts out as a CIA analyst (with newly minted Ph.D.). You may also recall Jack Ryan's line from the Sum of All Fears trailer, which has been running every 3 minutes on every major network (including ABC)... "I can't go on a mission. I only write reports." Why, oh why, do I read news on this site?
posted by David 6/10/2002 10:01:00 AM

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Europe, Baby!
The Old Ball & Chain and I are off for a whirlwind tour of Europe. If we were a big black dot and Europe consisted of large blotches of color, our trip might look something like this.

posted by David 6/09/2002 03:18:00 PM