Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Can you say Aunt B?
Dave and I got a visit from my sister Susan, brother-in-law Alex, and brilliant nephew Charlie this weekend. The four grownups (using the term loosely, as usual) whiled away the time playing a great Pool Tournament of Incompetence. Charlie whiled away the time trying to explain the problems with our technique, which was difficult, as he doesn't yet know any words and is not himself tall enough to reach the pool table and demonstrate.

We looked after Charlie on Saturday night while Susan and Alex got "all gussied up" and attended a wedding in the city. Okay, technically, I looked after Charlie on Saturday night. Eventually, Charlie will mature enough so that he is no longer viewed as an Object of Terror by his Uncle Dave. I think 25 years should do the trick.
posted by Rebecca 8/20/2002 04:06:00 PM

Mom didn't get the Barbara Walters/Grover connection...
so maybe others didn't either. There are certain creatures that have no control over their facial muscles, so can only "smile" by lowering their jaw. Dogs fit this description. Muppets fit this description. Most women in Hollywood fit this description. And Barbara Walters evidently does, too. See?
posted by Rebecca 8/20/2002 03:58:00 PM