Monday, October 07, 2002

Becca's got game?
No One Lives Forever 2. Certainly true of the Russian thug who yelled out "Face me, you coward!" while shooting at me. Trying to be accomodating, I turned toward him. And ran him over with my snowmobile. This game is so much fun.
posted by Rebecca 10/07/2002 05:44:00 PM

Welcome to
All things are possible at Use headphones.
posted by Rebecca 10/07/2002 05:34:00 PM

What, is there some sort of shortage on consonants? What's next? Aaaaouee? Ooaaa? U?
posted by Rebecca 10/07/2002 05:31:00 PM

Pluto upgraded to solar system?
There's a new headline on's newsflash page: Largest Solar System Found Since Pluto. The article itself refers to Quaoar, of course, the largest body found in our solar system since Pluto.

And to think they were talking of downgrading Pluto from "planet" status.
posted by Rebecca 10/07/2002 05:26:00 PM