Friday, January 17, 2003

The Peabody Hotel in Memphis is looking for a new Duckmaster. This might just be the new career you're looking for. (Unless, by some outrageous coincidence, you already are a duckmaster.)

Actually, I can't hear "duckmaster" without thinking of that awful Marc Singer movie. Except that instead of
The courage of an eagle, the strength of a panther and the power of a God!
it would be
The courage of a duck, the strength of a duck, and the power of... say it with me... a Duck!
The big DM could command vast armies of waterfowl, or just go into that goofy trance and scan the landscape in DuckCam mode.

Now that's Hollywood gold. Virtually guaranteed to make millions at the box office.
posted by Rebecca 1/17/2003 05:13:00 PM

Yes, we have no
Expert: Bananas could disappear in 10 years
From this article we can glean several important facts, each more alarming than the last.
1. The banana hasn't had sex in years.
2. The banana lacks genetic diversity and could go extinct.
3. There is an International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain.
4. It's in France.
5. It's headed by a man named Frison, which (according to Babelfish) means "clippings" in French.
posted by Rebecca 1/17/2003 05:00:00 PM

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Party atmosphere?
Drunken birds fly into windows
Now, when they start covering themselves in shaving cream and leaving body prints, we'll really know something's up.
posted by Rebecca 1/15/2003 07:11:00 PM

Is it just me?
Or does this look like it's going to end badly?

(from Snowmobilers enjoy last unrestricted winter)
posted by Rebecca 1/15/2003 07:03:00 PM

Only for pandas 6 years and up
Panda porn to cure bedtime blues
Finally, Gigi had something to supplement the issues of Playpanda he had hidden under his bed.
posted by Rebecca 1/15/2003 06:46:00 PM

Monday, January 13, 2003

Inserting a link to my Mom's exceedingly plaid Kindermusik Academy web site in a blatant attempt to get it into Yahoo's database. Move along, nothing to see here.
posted by Rebecca 1/13/2003 05:31:00 PM