Saturday, August 09, 2003

Move along, nothing to see
Our broadband provider has changed ownership once again. As always, the change comes complete with a change of email address. What's worse, our old user name isn't available with the new provider, so the idiots elected to choose a new one on our behalf... and the best substitute they could come up with is a staggering 21 characters long. This is especially problematic given that the new email address is based on the user name. Daunted by the prospect of all of that typing, I finally got annoyed enough to get a domain of my very own. Well, okay, it technically belongs to both the ball and chain and I. I have already created 5 email accounts. I am mad with power.

Next, I decided to move my blog.

After many weeks of hardcore procrastinating, I've gotten the new blog set up. I even gave it a new look. Check it out here.

I said check it out. Now. Go on.
posted by Rebecca 8/09/2003 10:02:00 PM